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    We understand the highly innovative last mile cargo solutions and mobility solutions and connect a network of companies for the best sales and service national and international. With a broad range of high tech last mile solutions and zero emission cargo services. We provide solutions in a innovating eMobility market. Become partner in our network or become our customer!

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We are Last Mile eMobility – LMe

The missing link in the last mile eMobility and cargo market. The owners & team have a unique combination within the automotive, scooter and bicycle industry what make them the missing link. LMe has the skills to connect with all levels in the industry. The excellent team understands the business from manufacturer, business development, supply chain and takes care of the service of customers. We are actively involved in additional innovating solutions such as battery services, energy charging stations for the last mile on grid and off grid.

We work closely with a number of innovating manufacturers and make the connection to the marketplace. We understand zero emission, changeable battery swobs and mobility & cargo hubs. In Beverwijk near Amsterdam we have a sales and service office and we have an excellent national and international, mostly family owned, business partner network for sales and services for end-customers.

Interview with the CEO and Founder Karin van den Berg | LMe Mobility B.V.

Last Mile eMobility for last mile cargo solutions knows how companies can optimally organize their logistics, mobility and transport using electric vehicles. Thanks to innovation in all areas, they are available. shapes and sizes. Karin knows better than anyone what is for sale worldwide and how you can benefit from it sustainably as an entrepreneur in increasingly crowded cities.

E-Cargo moves your business

We of LMe combine cargo e-bikes with logistic solutions for the market. We love to work with our customers to define the best solution possible for their logistic questions now cities are closing for normal tansport. The environmental friendly urban logistic solution with special developed pedal assist cargo solution.

It has been proven from test in Germany that it is cost-effective for city logistic with more deliveries per hour. The environmental friendly mudular platform meets the needs of city logistic solutions from moving food, parcels, flowers to furniture. The possibilities are endless.

The Spanish Scoobic manufacturer needs business partners for a good a highly qualified sales and service channel. The innovative eScooter cargo solution in the market is well designed and usable in many areas for cities and there stores, businesses and logistic partners. The zero emission city logistic solution for regional use.

We are interested in local family owned business as reseller & service for The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. This highly innovative brand has great vision of the future market and you can see in the video below on or website how professional they develop in the last years.

Scoobic anticimex.204
Scoobic desinfector.122
Scoobic Micro Hub - LMe Mobility

Scoobic Group and T-box join forces to promote urban hubs and micro-hubs

The future is collaborative, and Scoobic Micro-Hub is a clear example of it. As a result of the alliance between the Sevillian group Scoobic, manufacturer and marketer of electric vehicles for last-mile delivery , and the Valencian startup T-box , specializing in advanced logistics, a company was born that, under the formula of a joint venture.

For the Netherlands LMe Mobility is representative of Scoobic and we participate in the development in our region.

For the Netherlands and other regions LMe Mobility is representative of Scoobic and we participate in the development of urban hubs and micro-hubs.

Scoobic Factory

The Utrera City Council gives the green light to the Scoobic electric vehicle factory, which create 600 jobs. Company aspires to be the first Andalusian technology company to reach a value of 1,000 million dollars and will begin trading on the Nasdaq at the end of the year.

The company Circet is using the e-bike cargo for maintenance staff for Ziggo / Vodafone.

Urban cargo solutions for companies means most of the times process adjustment within the standard operational daily activities.

Circet en VodafoneZiggo gaan samen voor groen
LMe Mobility in Ondernemersbelang


Innovating last mile e-mobility & e-cargo

Training centre

An excellent training centre will be in place for our business partners, logistic transport companies, automotive sales and service organizations, governmental staff and customers. Taking care of the technical, legal requirements for all our manufacturers and work with specialist in each area is key in our industry. Developing a new industry certification program assures our partners to operate according to the safety environment guidelines to remain in the lead.

Update & innovate

Our commitment is to make sure that our products stay in front of the market in innovation, technical, services and new eMobility solutions. We adapt new initiatives in cooperation towards our local oriented partners and their customers to bring the last mile eMobility to the next level. Being an innovating leader in this market means that we will constantly grow as a person, as a company and as a network. Our uniqueness is that we have invested in our learning curve before the market understands the change that lies in front of us.

Mobile & Connectivity

The products and services we offer are equipped with innovating software with telematics, connectivity, battery solutions, 5G, mobile solutions and apps. We constantly activate partnerships so we solve problems for our customers within the mobility environment. All things are possible within electrification, zero emission solution. Willingness to learn and adapt new solutions is the challenge for the market and local companies we are working with. We like to work with companies with new software solutions.

We are learning every hour, day, month and year to be in front of the pack of last mile e-mobility.

Kumpan Electric 54i:conic! 45 km/h e-scooter

For commute, daily use and community sharing with batteryswob solutions available

Last Mile eMobility Solutions

discover the possibilities

Kumpan Electric

The electrical scooter from Kumpan Electric is the innovative solution for B2B & community sharing and mobility solutions. With 4 different models an excellent solution for customers to travel for business, plesure, commute and for your daily activities. With 1 up to 3 batteries and with the batteryswap solution the range is unlimited. Telematica battery solution, 5G, touchdisplay and with 3 kW till 7 kW engine power.

Model 54i:nspire – 3 kW – 25 km hours

Model 54i:conic – 4 kW – 45 km hours

Model 54i:mpluse – 4 kW – 70 km hours

Model 54i:gnite – 7 kW – 100 km hours

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Battery swob with Swobbee

For cargo solutions for business use, sharing and communities. With Swobbee you can change the battery within 60 seconds and off you go for the next swob. Distance for everyone in the last mile cargo and last mile mobility sharing like Kumpan Electric and mobility & cargo hubs.

Last Mile eMobility Swobbee

Scooter ME

In the amazing setting of a vineyard is the creative headquarters of Scooter ME located. The Italian brand has style and looks for individuality with all colors and shields for the electric scooter 2.5 and small motorcycle 6.0 for 80 km/hour.

We are proud that the owners give us the representation of The Netherlands and Belgium of this fine, delicate and soft individual look electric (motor)scooter. We love to give our reseller and service network the opportunity for specials, brand marketing for commute solutions.

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