LMe Mobility passeert Citkar mijlpalen. 

LMe Mobility has again taken major steps in its development. For example, we started delivering the first Citkars; a cargo bike for the business market from a long-term operational lease. For LMe Mobility, the start of the next phase of sustainability within the automotive and last mile mobility solutions.

Circet Nederland is an important player in the fast-growing global telecommunications industry. After a pilot period, it was time for them to make their commercial vehicle fleet more sustainable with healthy electric mobility solutions for the urban environment in the Netherlands. From a formal application for a long-term lease, a request was made for the Citkar cargo bike, with maintenance being fully included.

ALD Automotive has carried out a careful complete benchmark. They then opted for a collaboration with LMe Mobility and its dealer Zeeuw & Zeeuw. We’re just so proud of this! Karin van den Berg, CEO and co-owner of LMe Mobility explains: “In addition to the purchase for their own commercial vehicle fleet, we put together a preventive maintenance program. Of course, in line with the wishes of the customer in order to be able to spread the deployment throughout the Netherlands. Together with LMe’s additional expertise in the field of data, we comply with Dutch Automotive standards. This is how we find a connection with parties such as ALD Automotive and a prestigious dealer organization such as Zeeuw & Zeeuw.”

The Citkar is a cargo bike solution for the Randstad area. Service technicians specifically choose to exchange the standard company bus for this handy vehicle with electric pedal assistance. Reasons to choose the Citkar are the pleasant sitting position, the canopy and the easy comfortable driving away. The way they move keeps the drivers healthy and warm, even on cold days. Fitters arrive dry at the customer’s home or at a business location, which the client also appreciates. The work equipment is transported very efficiently in the cargo box. A hub location has been selected for the night where the cargo bikes can be loaded.

Aart Draijer, brand manager of New Mobility for these vehicles and branch manager of Zeeuw & Zeeuw Renault Noordwijk, gave a detailed explanation during a festively decorated first delivery. A pleasant conversation ensued between all those present.

LMe Mobility looks forward to extending the lease and operational deployment for the Citkar and its other models.

[v.l.n.r. Jelle Oosterhoff – ALD Automotive, Aart Draijer – Zeeuw & Zeeuw, Sjoerd Wouda – LMe Mobility, Sven van der Pluijm – Circet Nederland, Karin van den Berg – LMe Mobility en Triad Rink – LMe Mobility]